Only a few months away; one of the most awaited entrance exams, GATE (The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is inching closer and closer day by day. Have to started giving “Test Series”?

If yes, well and good. If No, Please start as soon as possible.

There are two reasons for this ambitious thinking:
1. To get admission into premier institutes of India for their masters or
2. To get a reputed job in Public Sector Units (PSUs).

Thus the competition is cut- throat and one needs to be as accurate as possible to be on the top of every other aspirant.

Mock test for GATE Exam

Test series for GATE Exam

As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, one need to practice ample amount of numerical along with clearing the basic concepts.

This practice can be done either by the GATE material you have.Certainly, to attain the exam temperament you need to practice in a specific way and that is through TEST SERIES.

There are three types of tests available in test series:
1. Part Test
2. Subject Test and
3. Mock Test

When and how to attempt test series for GATE?

One should start attempting part tests along with their preparation.

Part Tests covers a specific part of a certain subject.

For example :

A subject is divided in 2 parts then you should be attempting the part tests as soon as you cover the syllabus corresponding to that particular portion. Subject tests are of that whole subject so as soon as you finish all the part tests, you should analyse and work on the mistakes and attempt the subject test.

Thus, these two tests are not for preparation for test temperament but it’s objective is solely for:
1. Practice purposes and
2. To show variety of problems possible.

Here is where you can improve your efficacy and accuracy.

One should not be looking to solve each and every question, but to have an accuracy of 80-90 % of whatever they attempt (given that the percentage of questions attempted is 70 to 80%).

Next are the Mock Tests. Every GATE aspirant is confused about when to start attempting the mock tests.

The answer is, don’t wait for your syllabus to be covered completely. As soon as you complete the 80% syllabus, start attempting the test series for GATE.

The most preferred time to start mock tests is November.You should have completed 80% of the total syllabus until november.

In starting, attempt one mock test in 2 to 3 days. Use the gap in between for analysing and improving your capabilities.

After some test, Try attempting one mock test per day. Keep a target to complete at least 20 mock tests before the Exam day.

Mock Tests are the vital cog in your preparation of GATE as it shows how you have to manage your time.

This is a tedious task and one need to master this before exam to achieve good rank in GATE exam.

Do not waste the time attempting mock tests vaguely.

Utilize it by analyzing your mistakes and improving on them. The remaining 20% of the syllabus is to be covered simultaneously given that you score well in the 80% of the syllabus completed.

Practice is must to get a good rank in GATE Exam. Find out the “Top 7 Strategies for GATE”

This article will give you an overall strategy to attend GATE Exam.

This brings to the question how should one analyze their tests and overcome the mistakes?

Analyzing your mistakes and improving on them is a job which takes patience and consists of three steps:

1. Attempt
2. Analyze
3. Revise.

Attempt the mock test and try to be as accurate as possible in your answers.

Focus on the questions which you have an idea about and don’t waste the time on questions about which you have no idea about. After the test, analyze the questions which you got incorrect and then to overcome your inaccuracy, revise and practice that concept again.

Thus, make the best use of the test series and recognize your weakness, silly mistakes and work on overcoming them.

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Learn how to manage time and experience the exam environment which will increase your exam temperament.

All the Best!!!