Looking into the importance of GATE and the type of syllabus it has, it is very important to revise subjects frequently without wasting time. The solution to this problem is  “PREPARE SHORT NOTES FOR GATE EXAM.

Prepare short notes for GATE Exam

The task to Prepare short notes for GATE Exam may look burdensome in the starting but it has many advantages, like:

  • While making notes, the task of revising of that topic is also achieved.
  • It helps you in the future when you have little time in revising.
  • You can just pick up the notes whenever you want to revise the subject in short time.

Now that we have decided to Prepare short notes, the question is when and where these are to be “manufactured”?

There are two types of aspirants who appear for GATE:
1. One who takes GATE coaching
2. One who are preparing on their own.

One who takes GATE coaching

For the first category of students, the process is bit easier. They just need to be ready with all the necessary items for notes making while they attend the lectures and be attentive in classroom.

Make notes in the classroom and in addition to that improvise them by reading the coaching material or the books of your choice. These steps will make your notes easy to understand and revise.

One who are preparing on their own

For the latter category of aspirants, the first step is to select the books carefully. There is excessive amount of material in the market, you have to be smart in selecting them and then make notes from those books.

After knowing where and when one should make notes, the most important question arises.




So we are now heading to the part where we will acquire the knowledge about how to Prepare Short notes.

These notes can be divided into 3 parts: 

1) MICRO NOTES: These are the notes where you have to include the things which are to be remembered, for example: formulae. Keep in mind that the things which are to be remembered do not include the concepts. Concepts are to be understood, so do not include them in micro notes. At maximum, it should be completed in 10-15 pages so that we can revise them on daily basis. Furthermore, always make these notes in point format so that they are easy to revise.

2) SHORT NOTES: These are the notes which consist of theoretical subjects, so these may go up to 40-50 pages considering the full syllabus of particular subject.

3) EXAM FOCUSED NOTES: These notes are optional as you can include them in Micro Notes. These notes include new things you encounter while solving previous year papers or mock test series. So either write them separately to revise a day or two before exams or include them in micro notes and revise from micro notes itself.

There are certain points which are to be considered while writing any type of notes. They are as follows:

Never make notes when you are reading for the first time:

No one can make out the importance of any concept or formula on the first read. First familiarize yourself with the book
and then write notes.

Writing in points and using colorful pens

It is always easy to read and revise when we can differentiate and these both techniques help us in attaining this.

Do not Copy

If you copy notes, you are missing the main essence of writing notes. Making notes helps one in familiarizing with that concept and formulae. When you are making notes yourself, you will understand the concept so it will be easier to revise again. Copying is just the work of machine and is never helpful.


You can use different forms of flowcharts like trees or cyclic, etc. which helps you to remember easily.


Never make notes in a hay way manner as this may be a hindrance in future when you will not be able to interpret your own notes. Moreover, write them in loose sheets so that the addition of new “things to remember” can be easy.

Be at your comfort

Everyone has their own style while making notes. Don’t be influenced by toppers and stick to what is best for you and improvise only if needed.

Read and Revise

The most important part in the process of note making is reading them. So after manufacturing them, read and revise or else your knowledge on that topic will get corroded. So “oiling” them up with notes regularly is very important.

Everyone will think that note making is a toilsome and burdensome process. But making them will assist you in future when you will be having limited time to revise.

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